I am rehabilitating my knee and interested in baguazhang anyway so I am thinking why not apply circle walking for both rehab and for continuous, creative, turning skill? It is hard enough to execute turns in bagua but adding in controlling a ball while taking “push hands” type pressure from someone and ideally faking them out and scoring a panna is even harder. So basically I walk the circle dribbling a ball with gentle turns, good for the soft tissues and good for the creativity and smooth turning motions. I somewhat visualize a light pressure on the body shielding the ball in doing so, while doing various stepovers, etc. Do some short taiji forms before and after and it’s a much more interesting rehab/prehab/slow movement skill builder. Hmm. If I can rehab the knee while entertaining my ima and soccer interest, it’s three birds with one stone.


6th day of Tabata, working up to primarily sprints with a few cuts, ideally somewhere between 6-11 rounds (24-44 minutes). I am on 2 rounds of sprints, bracketed by 1 round of each of jogging and crunches. Other than that, it’s grease the groove of push presses and not much else. Some yoga type stretches. I feel this is a very minimalistic workout but still intense and challenging and time-efficient and I can ratchet it up in tiny increments as needed. Dropped a few pounds already without really watching the diet too much. A few improvements to nutrition and I should be able to drop a few more pounds, which will help with being able to do the intense sprinting in soccer. After a short 2 month season, my cardio should be good enough to try to do more judo as a summer sport, and add on more dimensions (literally) after adding some Tabata intervals of shrimping or something like that.