Made it one week then realized my neck and upper back are insanely tight and my neck makes a weird noise when I turn my head. I’m not sure if it’s from sitting at the computer, getting injured, the kb work, aging, or what. Decided to stop the kb work while loosening up, but now I’m thinking why not just go down to super light or no weight at all and continue. Just going with light weight for 7 days seemed to be the ticket. I’m sold on Pavel’s “program minimum” for GPP. A little better strength endurance with low impact on the joints. The last thing I want to do is do more running.


Looks like Pavel has a new book. 

Definitely makes me want to do only TGUs and swings for a bit again. I think my soccer game is really suffering from poor fitness lately. I need acceleration, deceleration, springiness for moves and directional changes, and sprint endurance, preferably gained from no additional running or harsh joint impact. Will try to post back in two weeks.

A rare quick taijiquan post. Quick take on peng lu ji an

peng – up

an – down

lu – in toward you into nothing

ji – press, squeeze, close your partner. Kind of the “press” in basketball or soccer or other sports. Space is taken, options are closed.

Nothing mystical or mysterious. Of course there is more (including mystery) but why can’t people accept that square one already makes good sense on its own…

pretty cool exercise, sorta like tai chi for running or like basic total immersion for swimming.


I’ve mostly been learning groundmoves for about a week. Basic ambidextrous clapping is one good move. Looks cooler in the metro station. Have it down at a novice level. Probably 1/3 to 1/2 speed so far. Skipping is some serious exercise!

Don’t really have any new year’s resolutions but I thought I’d sit down or stand up via one-legged squat for a while. By doing this partial pistol squat in this habitual grease-the-groove way I should be able to work up to full pistols with no problem.

I am rehabilitating my knee and interested in baguazhang anyway so I am thinking why not apply circle walking for both rehab and for continuous, creative, turning skill? It is hard enough to execute turns in bagua but adding in controlling a ball while taking “push hands” type pressure from someone and ideally faking them out and scoring a panna is even harder. So basically I walk the circle dribbling a ball with gentle turns, good for the soft tissues and good for the creativity and smooth turning motions. I somewhat visualize a light pressure on the body shielding the ball in doing so, while doing various stepovers, etc. Do some short taiji forms before and after and it’s a much more interesting rehab/prehab/slow movement skill builder. Hmm. If I can rehab the knee while entertaining my ima and soccer interest, it’s three birds with one stone.