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I am rehabilitating my knee and interested in baguazhang anyway so I am thinking why not apply circle walking for both rehab and for continuous, creative, turning skill? It is hard enough to execute turns in bagua but adding in controlling a ball while taking “push hands” type pressure from someone and ideally faking them out and scoring a panna is even harder. So basically I walk the circle dribbling a ball with gentle turns, good for the soft tissues and good for the creativity and smooth turning motions. I somewhat visualize a light pressure on the body shielding the ball in doing so, while doing various stepovers, etc. Do some short taiji forms before and after and it’s a much more interesting rehab/prehab/slow movement skill builder. Hmm. If I can rehab the knee while entertaining my ima and soccer interest, it’s three birds with one stone.

Finally got another KB, a whopping 25 lber. With various kinks in my joints, the recommended 35 lber will have to wait, but the 25 lber feels good. Swing feels about right, and Turkish getup offers a good challenge for the abs and shoulder stability without feeling like I’m going to mess up any joints – really “prehab” / rehab and I should be ready to move up to a more standard (less wimpy) weight soon enough. Forgetting about any MA interests now but just helping with ADLs like standing up easily and having better posture is good enough. Also trying to get some anaerobic power training in for soccer sprints, kicks, and sudden turns – the swings and getups don’t seem sport specific here whatsoever, but the general training feels helpful nonetheless. Seems more sport specific for an eventual return to judo/jiu-jitsu, especially if I can keep moving up in weight. TGU especially good. Grip training is integrated without having to think about it, too.

Comments on Youtube on whether it’s real – seems real to me.

Decided to focus on soccer for a few months so laying off anything MA for a while except for a little form work and trying to make the occasional judo class as a form of cross training. No fancy ideas of how to train except to do a lot of little sprints whenever I think of it and try to do tabata protocol squats as much as the legs can take. A few dynamic flexibility kicks, some bagua stepping, a few mat things like plank, and a few touches on the ball. That oughta do it for the most part. Maybe a few half pistols – just the negative to a chair or just the raising up. The motivation is the main thing. Gotta do something fun and then there’s a reason to add some training which would otherwise be pretty boring. I hope the side effect is some basic fitness to get me ready for some more judo – maybe I’ll treat it as a summer sport. As intense as sprinting and cutting is in soccer, it’s really pretty much nothing compared to judo. There I said it. It’s just not nearly as difficult, especially when ne waza is factored in.


Promotional vid for FIFA Street 3 – link shows the making of bits and the in-game results

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