Finally got another KB, a whopping 25 lber. With various kinks in my joints, the recommended 35 lber will have to wait, but the 25 lber feels good. Swing feels about right, and Turkish getup offers a good challenge for the abs and shoulder stability without feeling like I’m going to mess up any joints – really “prehab” / rehab and I should be ready to move up to a more standard (less wimpy) weight soon enough. Forgetting about any MA interests now but just helping with ADLs like standing up easily and having better posture is good enough. Also trying to get some anaerobic power training in for soccer sprints, kicks, and sudden turns – the swings and getups don’t seem sport specific here whatsoever, but the general training feels helpful nonetheless. Seems more sport specific for an eventual return to judo/jiu-jitsu, especially if I can keep moving up in weight. TGU especially good. Grip training is integrated without having to think about it, too.