Decided to focus on soccer for a few months so laying off anything MA for a while except for a little form work and trying to make the occasional judo class as a form of cross training. No fancy ideas of how to train except to do a lot of little sprints whenever I think of it and try to do tabata protocol squats as much as the legs can take. A few dynamic flexibility kicks, some bagua stepping, a few mat things like plank, and a few touches on the ball. That oughta do it for the most part. Maybe a few half pistols – just the negative to a chair or just the raising up. The motivation is the main thing. Gotta do something fun and then there’s a reason to add some training which would otherwise be pretty boring. I hope the side effect is some basic fitness to get me ready for some more judo – maybe I’ll treat it as a summer sport. As intense as sprinting and cutting is in soccer, it’s really pretty much nothing compared to judo. There I said it. It’s just not nearly as difficult, especially when ne waza is factored in.