There is a lot of talk about dantian rotation in tjq which always sounds like such a load of b.s. to me. Never ever felt it before though I experience “qi”. I thought this talk was about “energy” but felt a distinctly non-qi-ish gyroscopic feeling today in this area after taking a bunch of golf swings. These swings appear to be a large movement but are really driven from the center and hip area with an IMA-like weight shift that propels the torso twist that propels the arms swinging. Anyway after doing that for a while, for some reason, maybe from this golf stance, I started doing some zhan zhuang with my feet parallel and just suddenly felt this gyroscope sensation. Weird but not at all weird. Just a lot of subtle movement with muscles and tissues and skeletal structure that aren’t usually ever noticed by most people. Immediately I tried to connect it to some other movements besides the golf swing and the sensation remained. Accidental training but now probably deliberately training it now should yield some good improvements in this principle of “moving from center” then connect it back to the qigong aspects as well.