Tried a pilates class today.  At first, it was only ok. Most of it wasn’t too new. Breathing? Check. Neutral pelvis and spine? Check. No problem. Most of the students had trouble with just those two areas so it’s understandable they’d cover them for an entire class. However I was starting to wonder if I’d actually learn anything on day 1.  The last thing we did got interesting. It was sort of a glute bridge but the instructor said not to use the glutes at all. After a while, I could sort of get it with my left glute. Right glute? Stuck! It couldn’t relax at all.  Later, I went to jiu jitsu class and had trouble bridging up for a triangle, so getting this awareness of which muscles are involved is surely going to help. I’m pretty sure a lot of my trouble on the ground is due to poor hip mobility. Right now I just want to get rid of the tightness in my right hip and glute. I need to be able to do this movement with only one foot as post. Maybe the class will get more interesting.