Wow. Not sure what to say. Lyoto Machida made another top mma fighter look like a complete amateur. It felt like watching a great all around athlete who’s dabbled in wrestling and boxing vs. a true martial arts master.

Lots of extraneous movements from Rashad. Hopping. Shoulders dipping. Solid stance and no wasted motion from Machida. Blank facial expression just like Fedor. Then suddenly a kick. Right back to impenetrable karate stance. Stillness in motion. Another kick. Some punches from Machida land at will. Back to stance. Rashad tries some swings which look good but fall into thin air as Machida is suddenly not there again. Machida almost gnp’s for the win at the end of round one. Round two, more of the same. Finally, a straight left rocks Rashad, right after Rogan is talking about how karate is supposed to a “one punch ends the fight / is the killing blow” kind of traditional art, and the other guy says if Machida win, people will start signing up for karate again. Machida pounds him out to get the KO. No question fight of the night and most entertaining from Machida so far.

They said Rashad is always underestimated but just like in the Thiago Silva match, we couldn’t see his skills on display whatsoever. The Dragon is just too elusive and too masterful.

Way better match than anyone could have anticipated. I think there’s no one left who would deem Machida “boring”. To his credit, Rashad was gracious in defeat, saying he’s finally on the other side and so he has to smile and take it like he gives it out and keep looking forward. He said Machida was very crisp and he just wasn’t tonight.

Rogan: “Ladies and gentlemen, the Machida era is here.” Machida is the new UFC light heavyweight champion. Machida thanks everyone and yells “Karate is BACK!”.

Probably temporarily avail rd 1:

rd 2:

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