Wow. Lyoto Machida looked darn impressive at UFC 94. Totally shut down Silva who could mount no offense at all. I think it was 30 shots to 0, several takedowns and knockdowns. He does not waste much time clinching. The final spiral takedown from control of Silva’s elbow was brilliant. “Traditional” martial art at work. Then, his last second one punch KO right before the bell was surely the second best KO of 2009 so far. Still, I have this funny feeling that people will either now call Silva a “tomato can” and/or still claim Machida isn’t actually incredibly skilled until he fights someone “good”. That is like the criticisms of Fedor, and now, Anderson Silva, which is just ridiculous. They could kick my ass, people would justifiably call me a tomato can, but that wouldn’t take anything away from their amazing skill. But, ok, c’mon, give him someone good. If the critics weren’t entertained and shut up by that result, they just enjoy whining. If the UFC can’t put together an amazing highlight reel for promotional purposes … well, they definitely can. Most people watching probably unexpectedly found Machida had the most exciting fight of the night, though. Speaking of exciting fights, newcomer Jon Jones looked great. Lots of high amplitude throws and spinning strikes. That is the standup style I want to see and that most people would probably enjoy. Mma that is more like san shou. No hugfests, lay and pray, or long rds of gnp.