1. Can’t believe how great Arlovski’s kickboxing looks. Better than Frank Mir’s calculated dismantling of Nog. Arlovski might have won in similar fashion against Fedor if he were more patient and disciplined like Mir was against Nog. He was winning, though I was still thinking Fedor by sub later… but then he didn’t seem to be able to take down Arlovski in rd 1.

2. Can’t believe how perfect Fedor’s answer was. I still don’t know if it was:
a. incredible luck
b. perfect coincidence
c. amazingly good timing and spot on aim
d. come from behind ability and mental ability only seen in the best: Tiger Woods, Michael Jordan, Fedor
e. all of the above

3. Leaving your feet = very bad idea against someone of such skill and experience.

4. Incredible power vs. incredibly technical = who knows what will happen. Man!

Did Fedor look rocked? He made a deep exhale when against the ropes. But in the slow motion replays Arlovski’s push kick looked like it did nothing more than move him and Arlovski’s amazingly crisp striking didn’t look that damaging. Was Fedor feinting being totally open and in trouble? I doubt we’ll ever know.

Also, is Arlovski now the clear #2 HW in the world? He looks like he could destroy anyone else – Mir, Lesnar, Barnett, whomever – and showed Fedor’s only holes. He did prove that Fedor “is human” as he kept saying. Arlovski looks like he can jump into pro boxing and become champion. Freddie Roach was right about Arlovski’s superior boxing but was just plain wrong about Fedor’s overall MMA skills and mental game. No one could’ve predicted tonight’s outcome.

I really hope Matt Lindland is ok.

clip of the end: