Got some boxing gloves as a present for my older son. So of course now both of my sons now want to box Dad.

My younger son gravitated to a few techniques that he hasn’t actually learned:
1. dirty boxing / trapping with one hand, hitting Dad with the other
2. piquan that he calls “The Crusher” (a character my older son made up – each “bout” consists of video game like levels against a different character)
3. kind of beng combined with pi that a character he calls “Dynamite Crusher” uses.
4. ground n pound.

Wow, I didn’t know the above was natural. As far as he knows, he made these moves up. He’s gravitated to xingyiquan, I guess. My older son thought more about video game like characters and comes up with more creative moves. He gives a lot more thought to the full plot of the story. I’m going to have to film this…