The taijiquan classics say that the whole body coordination arises from one qi. A seemingly elusive and mysterious concept, but I think the instruction describes a very clear, tangible feeling, nothing strange or intellectual. I felt an inkling of this when trying to sink. Sinking was not only a skeletal alignment or relaxing feeling. There is a funny line in a movie called Auntie Mame about getting your hominy all going in the same direction. If “energy” were grits, that seems an apt description. There was no sinking to the dantian. Just everything sinking all at once, driven by a thought. I can imagine how having this kind of feeling (not just sinking but in general) in any posture or in formlessness would cause whole body power to be automatic. Solo work, shi li, long forms, zhan zhuang, whatever, is one thing. One baby step. Incorporating it into ph or sparring seems about 10,000 hours away.