Found this video of Fong Ha lecturing on effortlessness on EF. I like how he explains right before 7:00 that it’s ok if he adjusts his step a little, then does whatever he does where the guy rebounds off. Around 7:28 he explains how standing effortlessly for hours leads to standing with the arms raised effortlessly very gradually later. Presumably that leads to effortless rooting and uprooting. He also explains we already know what effortlessness feels like, e.g., when driving a car after we know how to do it. A review of a seminar with Fong Ha by Wujimon explains a little more detail. I went off and got my wife to push on my arm to see what I might do after pondering this effortlessness. Well, to my surprise, my root did seem effortless, an improvement over the past year or two or three. I managed to stay relaxed yet rooted. She leaned in and exerted force as if to push a car and everything did seem to go through me into the ground, as I would want. Then, I tried to imagine sinking a little, then expanding, but couldn’t produce any springy rebound feeling, but oddly enough it doesn’t seem so crazy now. It seems reasonable.

Effortlessness. It seems insubstantial and substantial at the same time.