Wife tried crunches for 4 minutes. Low score of 24. No problem. HR=100. Crunches are the wrong exercise for her for this thing.

I tried body weight squats and only mustered 2 minutes, low of 15. Holy moly. I’ll try 3 minutes next time I guess and keep working up. The simplicity of keeping track is nice.

Update: later in the day. Did the body weight squats with the wife for the full 4 minutes. Much more motivating with someone else there. At 2 minutes we thought we were done then got a second wind somehow to push through. Low score for me = 15. For her = 16. Good stuff. I did some standing afterwards and felt perfectly fine. No conflict between the tabata and the zhan zhuang. Night time is also easier for some reason. Next time maybe I can try morning.