I don’t fully understand Tabata but if you give me the infomercial explanation “14 minute abs” I can maybe follow it. I tried experimenting by doing 3 intervals of running in place (didn’t sprint as I did this in the kitchen in front of the only timer I have), 1 interval of squatting. No counting of reps, not really sure if I did any of it totally correctly. Thought I should only do 4 intervals as an initial experiment. A few minutes later I thought I’d try crunches. Tried 4 intervals and the last 2 were tough. Hmm. Will have to try it again. Not sure how it’s different from other interval training except that the ratio of work to rest is higher. I’m assuming people always use a timer. I’ll need to get a timer. I like the idea of getting both anaerobic and aerobic fitness fast. Something tells me this is counterproductive to qigong but 4 minutes total time seems so low, albeit at high intensity, that overall it seems fine, considering I want to ratchet up my qigong and zhan zhuang to well above that. Everything else I like to do could be considered a warm up or cool down. I really am attracted to the notion of high intensity as much more efficient, mostly the efficiency (read: laziness). More work, better outcome, less time – awesome.