I just got Fedor’s book and man does it look awesome. Like BJ Penn’s book, this thing is massive. It will take a long time to read, much less practice things from it. Victory Belt is on a roll. It looks like they are also publishing books by Anderson Silva, Lyoto Machida, and others. So far I am only on the intro, where the fighter tells a little bit of his personal story. Fascinating so far. Fedor idolized a champion weightlifter and other Russian “sportsmen” as a boy, so training sambo was the first step of a dream to become a professional athlete for him. Who knew he’d be the best in his field.

Update: The second section I looked at was the hand traps. One of these is the exact technique Fedor used to open up Sylvia’s guard to start his barrage. Speaking of traps, I just saw Nate Marquardt try a trap against Anderson Silva multiple times, failing every time. I think partly due to Anderson sort of shrugging it away and partly due to Marquardt trying it from too long distance and not really using any element of surprise. Basically it seems Fedor’s execution is perfect. He also says these techniques are not “fancy” but then, looking at a few other technique areas, Fedor often says that most MMA fighters do such and such, but he prefers such and such. For example he says he prefers a straight kick to a round kick due to better recovery and other reasons. Maybe this is actually the simplicity Bruce Lee talked about with JKD. So far, though, BJ Penn’s and Fedor’s books are several generations beyond a great old favorite book like Entering to Trapping to Grappling. They show very fine detailed adjustments of what they find works in their experience. More reviewing later.