Last week I was able to make it to bjj then judo right afterwards. Great fun. Bjj is slow and systematic. A little boring but good. I then go to judo and we warm up with some light ne waza. Great! I get to try out some moves. It turns out, though I haven’t been practicing this move, the scissors sweep that I was checking out in books and video is the move that feels the best and that I can pull off. Good that books and videos work. Everything else, no go, really. Because there is such limited time in judo ne waza, it has a different feel, where we’re trying to get some progress fast. More practicing of positioning, not slow, systematic shutting down. I can see how these different types of practice help each other. Eventually I’d rather focus on judo but for the moment cross-training is good.

This week the double dose came in handy again as it’s two chances to see techniques in a slightly different light. I got to continue practicing sweeps and some half guard passes. My training partner said he could tell I’ve been doing something else so I take that as a good sign cross-training is still paying off. Thing is, I feel really bored of martial arts before practice. I sort of force myself to go and feel good afterwards.