At some point I really want to get “beyond yoga” to just do something like prasara or ginastica naturale or whatever silly name they want to call some fusion thing like that. Right now yoga is good since I am woefully inflexible but it’d be more efficient use of my time if I fused it into my own flowing sequences with some body weight moves, dynamic balancing and flexibility rather than static poses and static active flexibility, and more emphasis on breathing and circular movements and moves useful in martial arts or supplementing these moves. I don’t think qigong is needed if one is working taiji form and I don’t think yoga is really needed if one can just incorporate its features and benefits into other drills. I don’t need the rudimentary pranayama we do as I already do qigong and I’m trying to incorporate that into other work. I don’t need things like tadasana as zhan zhuang is more multi-layered. I’m not looking for the “spiritual” or meditation aspects as my form work already incorporates the mindfulness aspect. For now, however, I’m just too much of a beginner but I can see that at some point I want to drop the yoga.