Something about subcultural behaviors as an “in the tribe” status conveying thing annoys me. I think it’s because this kind of stuff is what leads to rigid ideas, cults of personalities, and so on. I especially don’t like special clothes for special activities that have no functional purpose other than in the tribe cultural purposes. It’s not that I don’t like fashion or think people shouldn’t bother trying to look their best. These things have some more annoying aspects. For example, I don’t get this stupid thing with a gazillion patches on bjj gi’s. I prefer the aesthetic of the traditional white judogi. I also find kungfu clothes, shoes, and those silly aikido pants really annoying. It’s not confined to mostly male activities. When I go to yoga class, many of the women seem to like special yoga clothes. What is the point of that? My favorite uniform has always been in classes where the school is super down to earth and says to wear some comfortable clothes like sweatpants and t-shirts. Yeah. I don’t buy into the notion that the uniform encourages uniformity or democratization so people feel more comfortable. Don’t people feel comfortable in t-shirts and sweatpants? I also don’t like colored belts in belt ranking arts. I’d rather wear a white belt for forever until one day after a gazillion years, the instructor says I can switch to black. I suppose for competition purposes they may be helpful, except for when people are severely underranked. Sashes are even more annoying. At least in grappling arts the belt is useful.

Well, I thought that rash guards were in this same category of fashion statement until I got the very disgusting grappling subculture woes of ringworm and gi hickeys. Well, ok, so it turns out that something I thought of as just another annoying subculture artifact is highly functional. I went out and bought a rash guard and lo and behold, it is cutting way down on rashes and I hope it’s protecting me from fungus from skin contact. I hope I do not start buying the above stuff I just ranted about, though. I don’t want to start wearing board shorts and stupid patches.