Another guy’s videos I love from youtube are the ones from user: whatisyournameya. At about 1:46 of this video he talks about and demos why he believes xingyi, bagua, and taiji empty hand forms are from specific weapons techniques and later talks about how these “arts” have their roots in the simple fact of people needing to defend themselves (no doubt with weapons, not empty hands), not from monks dreaming up stuff in a temple.

In this other video where he shows taiji tuishou techniques, I really like his press demos:

There is a lot of other stuff but I’m concentrating on press (ji) at the moment. It feels easier than an to me for some reason. Uh boy. I’m having a mini-obsession with beng from xingyi, press from taiji, and sweeps in ground grappling. So it goes. The feeling of trying beng with a long pole somehow carrys over to trying this press move.