OMFG. Forget Anderson Silva, BJ Penn, and GSP. They are but minor gods in a world owned by Fedor.

Fedor is for certain the Michael Jordan of MMA. Best pound for pound, best heavyweight, best EVER. Even the total f*&^kin moron casual fan haters must realize it now. Fedor will surely win over some new fans in the US after this fight.

Fight of the night. Even better than Silva’s stunning ko (what a night for mma). Fight of the past few years. Sub in round 1 as many predicted but not exactly how I thought it would go (Hong Man Choi fight as template). The incredible lightning speed knockdown was unexpected. Fedor pounced on Tim like a big cat. I think everyone watching was stunned. Highlight reel should be everywhere soon. Temporarily on YouTube at: Update now: Another one:

Tim shook his head in disbelief, and I think awe right afterward – as if he just played 1:1 basketball with Jordan and couldn’t understand how Jordan just dunked on him but was also amazed at it. Congrats to Fedor. Good job Affliction. Hope the promotion is here to stay.

Great interview with Fedor and Randy Couture by Big John at the end after Fedor answered the question of who he’d like to fight next and the only English I could follow was “Randy”. “It would be a great honor to meet Randy in the ring one day” said the translator. Nice shaking of hands by Fedor and Randy. Two classy dudes. The humble attitude on top of it all is amazing. Afer this one, I can’t see Randy beating Fedor but, still, gotta wish for this fight. Maybe Barnett would be a good (ok) match-up.

Wow. Unbelievable.

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