Taijiquan writings always talk about sinking. I thought that meant a few things: lowering your hips and bending your knees, sinking qi to the dantian, or both, or a feeling of roots growing through the feet into the ground. Xingyiquan talks about having the arms feel heavy after years of zhan zhuang practice. Thinking I’d do some zhan zhuang or some form, I just did a slight lifting of the palms then pushing down and had the weirdest sensation of a sudden heaviness throughout, more or less all of the above except not so much the first two sensations. Very odd sensation nevertheless. It wasn’t really a mechanical sensation but it did have a sort of song sensation and a sort of whole body as one unit feel but the overriding feeling was simply the heaviness. I tried repeating it. When I started lifting my palms up, it would go away. When I started to let them go down, it would come back. Sort of similar to the feeling you get when you’re really tired and you start to feel heavy. I think it came from a conscious fang song this time, though, and was felt throughout including the bit about sinking into the ground, yet not at all a tired or fatigued feeling whatsover. Not a slumping feeling but a connected, strong “down to earth” feeling. Like what I imagine a karate student would want in a very firm strong stance. Good. Must be good. I think it’s a sign my zhan zhuang practice is gradually improving.