I couldn’t believe the judges scored a unanimous decision for Griffin. AOL’s live blog had it 2 rounds to 2 going into the fifth which was very close. Fox picked Jackson as the winner. The live crowd seemed to disagree with the judges. What gives? Even Forrest Griffin said it was very close. One leg kick followed by gnp for one round is enough for an upset? Most people thought Jackson won round one with the upper cut that dropped Griffin. The next 3 were close but Rampage probably won 2. The thing that Griffin did better overall, though, was try to use his reach with a jab and low kicks and stay on the outside of Rampage’s bigger power as much as possible. That was certainly the easiest tactic to see being pulled off successfully. Still, with such a close call, especially round by round, you have to give the edge to the champion. The challenger has more onus on him to prove he won. I would’ve scored this fight for Jackson, just barely. If Forrest is right that they’ll have to do it again, should be good. Rampage will need to adjust his game plan to better deal with the perimeter strikes.

Update: Five Oz of Pain has some interesting thoughts on changing the judging criteria and/or the rules.