There is a post on a great blog called falling leaves about “CNS fatigue”. I don’t know about the fatigue, but the links he gives for testing reaction time are just darn fun:

The first one where you have to tranquilize sheep is my favorite. I kept not getting below 250 ms average while my wife and son got below it the first time. Grr. On some occasions, due to luck, I could get under 120 ms on one try (not on average). That reminds me of a story a friend of mine told me where he was involved in litigation concerning those old video poker games and whether humans could react fast enough. After he found that the top corner of the virtual card was enough visual cue to make a decision, he found that very few humans could in fact react fast enough – in particular he recalled a pro volleyball player whose reaction time was consistently around 120 ms. Dang. She was just darn fast. Did she get that from her sport or did she excel in her sport partly because of incredible reaction time? Or both? It also reminds me of a scene I saw on the TV show “The Contender” where AFTER a very hard workout, they put the would-be contenders on a machine that measures their reaction time punching targets and everyone just sucked at it. It’s much more interesting to see how you do when you’re fatigued than how you do when you’re not and after a cup of coffee. Still, I’ll probably just check my times on occasion without bothering with the fatigue step first, lol.