Well it’s been a few weeks since I started doing dynamic stretches. I’ve done them most days, usually in the morning. I haven’t tried to precisely measure my progress. I think my main gauge will be how closely I get to completing yoga’s downward dog asana. However, subjectively the routine seems to be helping already. I do the basic kicks Kurz suggests – front, side, back – plus “butt kicks” and “high knees”. Well that’s all fine and good, my hamstrings, groin, and thigh muscles seem to like it, and I’ll continue with it, but now I’m finding my hips and calves seem even more ridiculously inflexible than my hamstrings.

Here’s a cool article that mentions a stretching, core strength and balance exercise all in one. It’s for swimmers’ rehab but it seems like a great exercise for taijiquan and jiu-jitsu. Perfect. Also,

  • Some ROM tests for internal and external hip rotation.
  • Another good one is mentioned in Wikipedia article on low back pain.

I’m going to add the swimmer’s exercise to my almost-daily routine now. I don’t know what to do about my calves. I do find I need shin strength to use my feet as hooks for ground grappling but lifting up my feet doesn’t seem to do enough for ankle ROM due to my calves. Will find a good exercise later. It’d be great if taijiquan form took care of all of these issues but it’s as if I need “prehab” first.