Nice video I saw on Combat Sports Conditioning. I’m more likely to watch it again if I re-embed here.

I’m too lazy and frugal to go buy kettlebells, though. I may try a few of these exercises with dumbbells if I feel like it. I like the hip heist sweep. More judo throw-ish. I don’t like that kuzushi. Too much energy expenditure. My senseis will sometimes barely move in randori then suddenly I’m gone. That is my goal. My more ambitious goal is to out-stillness-in-motion them, borrowing the least amount of energy possible for kuzushi. I’m a kajillion light years away from that. I’ll put these exercises in the category of reserve strength for the sudden movements, mostly for groundwork, and injury prevention. Also, the no boring “cardio” thing is awesome. More awesome is sitting on the couch thinking maybe I’ll get around to try one of these exercises. Ok, no, “if I feel like it” is actually a good rule. That way it’s fun and not work.