Man my flexibility is lousy. To try to remedy this problem, I’ve started rereading Thomas Kurz’ excellent book, Stretching Scientifically. I can’t understand Chapter 1 which is all theory, but so far I can digest part of Chapter 2. Basically his first instruction is to do dynamic (not ballistic) stretches first thing in the morning, every single day. Luckily, there aren’t many of them, and they’re all easy to do very quickly. I started yesterday, as did my older son. So far so good. I feel better already. I plan to try these for a month before trying to understand and correctly add other stretches.

If done correctly, they’re supposed to reset my nervous system so that it will allow my body to go to its current maximum range of motion quicker and start increasing that rom. Something he said that I had forgotten or never digested was to stop if I get fatigued and the rom starts to decrease. The “memory” of my system would then get set at the lower rom due to greater frequency of these signals to the system, making it harder to override that and make improvements. I’m sure I’ve been doing that, interfering with potential progress. D’oh. The good news is he says that flexibility is one area where anyone of any age and condition can make great improvements very rapidly if done correctly.

A quick search shows that there are many more examples out there. Here is one interesting series with some other stretches I’ll have to add.