I am increasingly aware that my standing posture is slightly weighted toward the back. I can feel it, I’ve seen it in the mirror, my friends have helped me correct it a bit. Now, the Wii Fit is making it even more clear by drawing two lines, one vertical, one horizontal, then showing a red dot and little lines where my center of balance sits. Not really too bad as it’s just barely left and just barely back. It tells me I have good balance. But now that I keep seeing this graph, I’ve been paying more and more attention and sure enough I can tell if I stand how I normally want to, my weight is just a tiny bit too far back toward my heels. A minute adjustment puts it more over the bubbling wells. However, even with the very small adjustment, the more correct balance feels a little weird to me right now. It will take more than a few weeks to correct. In the meantime I’ll still try to work on the more internal aspects of standing but I want to get the biomechanics down perfectly. This is all only static, not dynamic, but I feel that simple static standing should be pretty easy to do well. I’ve also found my single leg standing balance is not as good as I want it but I’m not overly concerned about that at the moment.