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Very entertaining due to Machida being so technically proficient and “unorthodox”. The double kicks, the smoothness. Suddenly appearing, suddenly disappearing. Excellent feints. Renders Ortiz’ clinch useless. Always “connected”. The old story about Yang Cheng Fu and the string comes to mind. That is the kind of mma match I want to watch. Ortiz is somewhat past his prime but still ok, just not technical enough on top of general athleticism. He looks much stronger but comes in with a tight guard and just gets constantly peppered from the outside. Even in the clinch, he looks stronger, but Machida just rolls him back (from his excellent sumo background?). This fight reminds me a lot of Cung Le vs. Frank Shamrock. A past great is totally outclassed by a superior striker. Is this what the future of mma looks like? What was good is giving way to great talent. Watch it as soon as you can.

A blurb from Wikipedia on Machida:

Lyoto Machida was born in the city of Salvador but soon moved to Belém which is his hometown. He is the third son of the Shotokan karate master Yoshizo Machida. Machida began training in karate at the age of four,[2] earning his black-belt at the age of 13. He began training in Sumo at 12 and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu at 15. He won a number of amateur karate tournaments, including 2001 Pan American Karate tournament.[3] He was also runner up in the 2000 Brazilian Sumo Championships in the 115-kg division. In addition to his Sumo and Karate achievements, he has a college degree in Physical Education. Lyoto’s brother, Chinzo, is a Shotokan vice-champion (Australia 2006), losing only to #1 ranked Shotokan master Koji Ogata. Lyoto and Chinzo fought in a Karate Final 10 years ago in which Lyoto gave Chinzo a cheek scar that still exists today. His other brother, Kenzo Machida, is a TV journalist for one of Brazil’s biggest TV stations.

Lyoto is well-known for using a variety of Shotokan Karate techniques in his fights. Lyoto used a Karate leg sweep on B.J. Penn in the 2nd round of their fight. He uses a back kick in many fights (they can be seen in his bouts against Sam Greco, Sam Hoger, and Stephan Bonnar). Frank Trigg once said that he got dropped twice in row by Lyoto’s back kick in a sparring session they had.