Last week, jiu jitsu did me in. The novelty of the types of strength required was definitely a good workout. E.g., repetitions of upa against resistance from a live human are just hard. jiujitsu365 has a good post on just that topic. All fine and good. The problem was, after that I could barely do yoga or relax my shoulders enough for decent zhan zhuang. Tension is the enemy. Does that mean I need to give up this kind of “strength training”? I think it just means I’m too weak and not conditioned for it yet. After a few months, my recovery time should be quicker. If that’s not true when I look back at this post later, something is wrong. I think I’m going to start core performance phase 1 again. I like their notion of “Pre-habilitation”. Yoga already provides pillar strength, but nothing else I’m inclined to do has clear metrics to track progress.