These videos from this guy’s channel crossed my Yahoo pipes, an amazingly good web 2.0 mashup service to aggregate feeds and much more. You can not only combine feeds, but parse searches for feeds, do things like combine them, truncate, search for specific terms, block various elements, and more. Essentially check in with a cache of sites a search engine already crawled, hone in on whatever you want, filter in infinite ways, even translate with Babelfish, all done as a sort of “intelligent agent” for you in the background. It’s the promise of “intelligent agents” cited in 1998, finally realized to some extent. Anything is possible, limited only by one’s creativity. It’s the web remixed, but accessible to non-programmers. I set up some simple ones to get alerted to blogs and videos, then sorted by date to find recent items. Look to the left to see some examples.

Anyway I love this teacher’s username, baguaman8. Very nice. His videos look really good. I’d already put his blog in my blogroll to go back and visit, but here it is again: