I seem to have all the signs of “qi hugging”. They say not to get attached to these feelings and they are just from blockages getting released, but getting some good flow going is addictive. It makes me want to improve my posture more than before, when the motivation was based on muscle relaxation. Also, I am much more interested in health than martial arts. That may be the maturity of middle age. It should be an obvious point, though. If you aren’t healthy, forget about martial arts or anything else fun or interesting. But this addictive thing is more to keep feeling this nice feeling of “wellness”. Not sure what else to call it. Yesterday after a lot of qigong I was getting weird twitches. They say that is also just blockages getting cleared up. I’ve never thought about it like that before. Apparently this work affects the nervous system, which is what makes me find it weird they don’t talk about it in yiquan. I have a good book called Qi Healing in which the author, trained in Western medicine and head of surgery at a hospital in Japan who has also become expert in TCM and qigong, talks about “standing zen” of taikiken (created from yiquan) training the “electric line” that gives the “motor” (muscles) more power. He also notes that tucking the tailbone slightly is to open the ming men acupuncture point on the back. Nothing to do with “power” or “rooting” from his medical perspective. Lots of other good points to note later.