I’ve been doing a lot of study on qigong lately and there seems to be a clear consensus that people (at least men) should open the downward channel first (down the front for men) because

  • it’s more difficult than opening the upward channel (up the spine for men),
  • only opening the upward puts too much qi at the top of the head
  • sinking qi to the dantian (funny that the acupuncture point on the front is called qi hai (sea of qi) is key
  • and more I can’t remember at the moment

After getting flow in this channel, one works on “microcosmic orbit”, connecting ren and du meridians for flow up the back and down the front (opposite for women?). I have a vague sense of that now so, not to get ahead of myself, I wonder what’s next. Apparently what’s next is opening these main acupuncture points (aka chakras) until “heaven energy” is absorbed through the bai hui (top of head) point and “earth energy” is absorbed through the hui yin (on perineum) to get the “macrocosmic orbit” going. Microcosmic orbit, it seems, is kind of “internal” – completing a circuit inside. Macrocosmic orbit is apparently to absorb “external” qi. Beyond that, one forgets about either of these. They kind of go on autopilot, I assume. Kind of the analog to “no mind” in ma where your technique comes out without needing any conscious thought.