I think I’ve realized a little about the line – really a grey area – between dabbling and cross-training. It seems totally obvious but I’m really just starting to understand it “for real” – kinesthetically. Once you start to get some skill in each of the cross-training activities and can use some of the same stuff in multiple activities or bring something from one to the other, you start crossing the line into the grey area. I am probably entering the grey zone and will be in it for several years. There is of course the “center” used in all martial arts. I also find my interests are all running together. Zhan zhuang seems at first to be the most out there but it relates easily to qigong and both of those relate easily to yoga, even in the basic relax/remove tension way, which is easy to see at one extreme as a kind of basic body use training that is useful for groundwork or any soft or internal art that requires maximum relaxation. Any throwing off balancing from any art relates to each other pretty well. Judo blends right into bjj nicely. Ward off, press, roll back and pull down from taijiquan’s concepts are all in there, and those are seen (on the outside) in qigong forms. And so on and so on and so on for forever. It’s all starting to melt together into one continuum. Now, in 100 years I’ll maybe have some good skills.