Some examples for me to test my 80/20 theory. Entry to inside for judo throws. Cloud hands movement – left hand to inside of other person’s right arm, ward off to rollback to pull down. Right hand is starting its ascent at same time. Turn to do ippon seoi nage. That is so easy to visualize. I need to go and try it. Variation: same cloud hands start, changing to brush knee as osoto gari or a variation of ippon seoi nage. Or soto makikomi is basically embrace tiger, return to mountain. Or same entry on outside of arm to diagonal flying or sweep. On the ground from guard, wardoff, rollback, pulldown one arm to outside to juji gatame. I’m sure there are countless more variations. It doesn’t matter. The trick is to make it so smooth and blending that the kuzushi happens a split second before the actual move and it’s too late for a counter.