In the spirit of jkd, I wonder what the “essence” of taijiquan I want to absorb would be. I believe it’s wardoff, rollback, press, and pull down in the context of a constant flow of adhere, stick, connect, follow. Not push because it seems non-essential. Not bump or elbow for the same reasons. Not split because split is essentially a combination. Not directions because that goes without saying and something like bagua treats those better. The four energies I prefer are useful in any context I know from push hands to judo to bjj. For much of what I want, to reduce things to simplify my practice, (Yang style) cloud hands is the one form I would do if I only did one thing. Well it is what I do mostly already when it comes to taiji forms. It contains wardoff, rollback and pull down. It’s also said by BK Frantzis to be the best form for qigong. That matches my anecdotal experience with the qigong effects of it, though I am really just getting started understanding qigong. So it has about everything I want to absorb from taijiquan training. The other one I mainly like is brush knee, with embrace tiger, return to mountain as a variation. These can almost be done as the mathematical opposite of cloud hands. For me, that is the cake. Just one move and two variations of its converse. Everything else is icing. So why would I do anything else when I think 80%+ of the benefit I get comes from 20%- of what I do? Mainly due to boredom and because I like icing.