Geez, what is with these people and their improvised weapons? I bet none of them have martial arts training.

However, he escaped after a female customer who was in the Beasley Place shop threw a full can of beer at him, hitting him on the head.


Hat tip: Crime Scene KC is a fascinating blog I found when searching for the ham story with links to tons more of these weird stories such as the dry cleaning shop owner who defended against robbery by using a steam cleaner as an improvised weapon, resulting in scalding of the thief, or the angry naked guy wielding only a flashlight who chased off another bad guy. Or the guy who took the attacker’s shotgun and started beating him only to accidentally shoot and kill himself. Geez. When you put all these stories together, it just gets weirder and weirder. Last one reminds me of the Darwin Awards. The woman doing a flip onto a handstand on her balcony railing and the dudes doing the Pushmi-Pullyu are particularly troubling.