Wow. Talk about a good way to get more “whole brained”. What are the “movement-planning regions”? How does that help with movement arts? Rhythm? I should’ve listened to Mom when she said to practice. Oops. From ScienceNOW:

Schlaug says the findings should settle the earlier debate by showing that musical training can enhance neural connections related to planning and coordinating movements between the two hands.

“I’m very excited about this,” says Steven Swinnen, a neuroscientist who studies movement control at Katholieke Universiteit Leuven in Belgium. “Everyone thinks musical training results in changes in brain structure and function,” Swinnen says, but so far the hype has exceeded the evidence. Although he’d like to see the findings replicated in more subjects, Swinnen thinks the study is one of the first to provide a strong suggestion that training of any kind can cause substantial changes to the axon bundles that link together far flung regions of the brain. Whether training later in life can change the brain in a similar manner is a promising topic for future study, he says.