I’ve been getting a little bored with my normal martial arts interests of “internal” and “soft” arts lately for whatever reasons.

Capoeira seems like a great cure for that. It is totally off the wall compared to the same old same old. It looks more fun in terms of the sheer joy of moving around in space and developing great proprioception. Just what the doctor ordered. Since I know my fitness and body use abilities are way way off, and there’s no Capoeira around where I live that I know of, here’s my half-baked plan to wade into these waters:

1. keep doing yoga til my downward dog actually looks almost right instead of the suck-eggs version I can do now
2. do back bend bridge exercises to get some strength and flexibility in the other direction
3. do handstands against the wall for a few more seconds each day til that’s really easy
4. add in some push-ups and weight shifts in that wall handstand position
5. repeat 3 and 4 without wall assistance til all of that is easy
6. start learning some moves just by copying these nicely organized videos on
Akban’s Capoeira Portal.

I’d be thrilled to one day pull off Au Batido. Plus, I can’t imagine how this kind of proprioception must help with things like judo and bjj.