These guys train reality-based Bujinkan ninjutsu as well as compete in judo. As if that weren’t enough, they maintain a martial arts wiki (the only one?) encyclopedia called Akban (“The Akban project aims to document and classify many martial arts in a free martial arts encyclopedia”) with videos on everything from qigong to bjj. An example:
Taking the back from the de la riva guard
Dang. I am probably spending more time there now instead of on EmptyFlower and blogs.

A cool slow-mo demo:

Update: I’m told in the Comments section that slow-mo demo isn’t from the Akban folks. Here’s a cool one. Nothing to do with anything remotely jiu-jitsu-ish. Just a basic Capoeira move. (“Basic” but I can’t do it… yet…). I’ve been getting a little bored with martial arts at times. I think Capoeira would be fun to do and a cure for any boredom. These guys seem fun to train with.