Last night I did a few taijiquan movements and I noticed if I concentrated on movements initiating from the dantian, the qigong aspect was much stronger. Which leads to some confusion about whether I’m really doing “core” movement, whether it is “internal” qigong induced movement from the dantian, or both. I think it’s both, but I never felt that second aspect so strongly and clearly before, as if the dantian truly propels everything else. More as if something like a pulsing fluid sensation starts there and moves out, not so much as an actual movement, but it seems to be linked to the external movement, but from the inside out, yet bolstered by correct externally visible movement. Weird. I think zhan zhuang is starting to pay off and I need to keep working on it and work on some basic slight movement. I’ve tried to start over from the very beginning instead of always wanting to jump ahead, and things are working much better. This kind of thing is also where I prefer the traditional taijiquan vocabulary vs. something like yiquan which doesn’t seem to want to cover anything qigong-ish with any traditional terms.