A lot of bloggers seem excited about this one. I am pretty excited to see Fedor fight a supposedly top contender (because he was ufc champion? – does anyone notice a trend with Rampage, Anderson Silva, and Big Nog coming in and taking over the belts? And Fedor, like Silva, is in a different league). Someone who covers mainly mma said it might be a boring bout going 3 rounds and ending in decision. Huh? Have these people seen Fedor fight? That seems incredibly unlikely just looking at two areas – when was a 3 round Fedor fight ending in a decision boring? I’ve only seen Fedor v Cro Cop and Fedor v Big Nog 1 and 2. Two of the most entertaining hw fights ever. Also, 21 out of 28 (only one “loss” due to a cut) of Fedor’s pro mma fights have ended in ROUND ONE, mostly by submission. So with just two observations, it’s pretty easy to predict the outcome. Fedor submits Sylvia in round one. Sure, Big Nog almost lost to Sylvia but Fedor is in an altogether different league. There is a very good reason all the press outlets rank him the #1 hw and usually the #1 pound-for-pound fighter. For some reason (like Frank Shamrock vs. Cung Le), Nog was willing to stand and trade at a major reach disadvantage against Sylvia. Fedor v Nog showed Fedor’s striking is way better than Nog’s, but I don’t think he’ll fight out of some emotion or ego silliness. He is too intelligent a fighter. He’ll go with what seems most strategic and likely to work, which is fake some striking, quickly take down Sylvia, then use those top-of-the-world Sambo skills (was he born doing Sambo?) against someone who seems to have very limited ground skills for an elite fighter and ex-champ, g-n-p for perhaps a bit if that, and submit Tim by armbar. For Fedor fans, that should be entertaining as usual to see his incredible flow. For everyone else, I suppose it’ll be a bit of a surprise.