Continuing the idea on what the Tiger Woods of the world and great coaches say or do to focus on excellence with winning as a byproduct, one often hears the phrase “invest in loss” but I really don’t like that phrase. It captures the same idea but worded in a negative way that is still related to winning. That is not as helpful from a neurolinguistic programming point of view to get the right mind-body unity going. I’d rather the phrase be changed to something like “invest in mistakes”. Still worded in a negative way but just changing the phrase to de-emphasize a word that is the opposite of “win” seems helpful to me. Mentally it’s easier to think, oh yeah, all these stupid mistakes I keep making is kind of the point. That is what experience really is. The learning gained from all those mistakes. Then it’s easier to do something like the wild swings with abandon Tiger supposedly did as a youth that forced him to develop incredible recovery shots that further distinguish him from the other elite athletes. Experiment and make silly mistakes when it’s relatively safe in training. Invest in mistakes.