I was reading another thread on emptyflower on how long it takes various people to get in the groove or zone after doing form or warmups. Various people said quite a long time. Some said it should be instant. I’d have to agree it can take a long time but it should be nearly instant. Which led me to wonder how does one of the most elite, dominant athletes on the planet get ready and how long does it take? He has to be on and relaxed starting at the first hole. I tried searching for some interviews and found results saying he has a plan in his mind starting with hole 1 and deliberately strides leisurely to the next shot no matter what. However I couldn’t find anything more specific on his psychological or mind-body prep right before the match. Still searching.

In the meantime, I came across a book on Tiger that said his pursuit of personal excellence really transcends a desire to win, and that is one key to why he is so dominant in his sport. If he were striving just for a win, he might win but not in as dominating a fashion. That is really the spirit we all should put into any pursuit even if we’re not child prodigies who played golf every day starting at age 2 and grew up with a father who felt his entire life purpose was to mold his son into the greatest golfer ever. That is also the kind of thing the great coaches supposedly say – focus on all the right elements and winning is more of a byproduct.