Last night I did qigong for what seemed like an hour but it could have been more. After a little while, I thought I felt “microcosmic orbit” (so I think since I have no idea what this should feel like). Basically similar to acupuncture with electrode sensation but fainter, going up the back, down the front, trying to end it and “store” at the dantien area. This sensation went on for a while and then I felt I should see how long I could do the qigong til I got tired and went to sleep. Different times today I’ve felt a vague fullness and a vague sensation of this flow if I stopped to think about it or do a few seconds of zhan zhuang. Good I suppose since qi should follow yi and it only seemed to do so if yi was there. Usually most people say something like beginners might feel a heat sensation. That is pretty easy so a sensation of a flow probably means some small progress. What about the BIG question for neijia – what to do with qigong to combine it with martial arts? I suppose a peng energy is really backed by a full energy but then I’m also sure I’ll have no good idea from actual experience for quite some time. These are totally separate tracks for now. If they come together later I’ll think about it some more. It does feel good and healthy. Also, here’s where all of the books I’ve looked at say something like it’s dangerous to progress without good instruction. Well, how is one supposed to find the right instruction? Not exactly on yellow pages or search engine dot com. I’m pretty comfortable sticking to experimentation. Clip from Wikipedia:

The Microcosmic Orbit is a Taoist Qigong meditation technique. It is based on observing the natural flow of energy in the body during respiration. The meditation involves consciously raising the focus of awareness up the Governor Vessel meridian at the back of the spine during inhalation, and returning the focus of awareness down the Conception vessel meridian at the front of the spine during exhalation.