Well I decided to go to Bjj class. Not being any good at ground work and not really focusing there, plus developing some intellectual interest in this area led to this decision. Class was really good. Well structured. A few techniques that somewhat built on each other or were related followed by very limited rolling – limited in the options each person could do. Everything was technical, very little strength involved. My biggest error was – not relaxing enough. Hahaha. Boy. That is what neijia always tells you. Just as true on the ground though to me there are more details on the ground. Anyway now my trouble is deciding if I should shift some focus away from judo to bjj. I want to do both but there isn’t enough time, funds, or energy. To me, judo is more fun and has more sudden “whoa” factor of “how did that happen?”. Bjj is more of an analytically interesting thing. The chess game analogy holds true. In a way it’s less grueling (due to not getting suddenly thrown and landing hard at times). The bjj school has more adult students, hence more training partners. It is slightly closer but the fees are slightly higher. Probably a wash due to gas prices. That pushes the decision toward the bjj route. I suppose I could go to judo for free at a local university and still try to get both. I probably need to look into that first.