Well I’ve been away from training anything for a bit and am getting back on track. Every time I get off track my mind wanders to things like basketball. Not necessarily a bad thing, but I notice some other people with new blogs have nicely organized their posts in much more of an online training journal – day 1 of xyz – then they are really diligently updating their training logs and can look back and see a lot of progress. I admire that. However I apparently prefer to jot whatever I feel like and then it’s just a lot of rambling for better or for worse. Oh well, maybe I’ll add a linear structure over time but I like a more “spiral” structure (or seeming lack thereof).

I don’t know what number day or week it is, now.  I have gotten some taijiquan and yoga in this week. Woo. I hope to get some judo and bjj in as well. Lately liking ne waza more, doing more yoga, and logically convincing myself the ground game is a good idea has got me thinking … yeah, maybe I will work in a little bjj. That may seem dilettante-ish to purists but to me all of it is complementary. I think one’s “undergraduate education” should be as broad as possible. Specializing in something should come in “graduate school”. Other people say one should go deep first, then broad. I just don’t get that idea. The reverse is what people do in most any other discipline they study formally so why is it different for martial arts? Ah well, there’s no point to this post. Another little rant off the chest. Maybe it’s all therapeutic. Too much caffeine stream of consciousness yada yada. Hit the publish button for no good reason. “And so we pass the days.”