I noticed if my kids start doing some exercise and I say something sort of innocuous and fun and sort of subversive – I’m gonna trick you into having kungfu via wax-on, wax-off – like “how many can you do?” they’ll say something like “Oh I can do 100!” then they dive into actually trying to do 100 with the energy of a puppy chasing its tail just for the glee of it all. Man. If you tell me to do 100 reps of something, I’m like “ugh yeah”. Let me get off my big fat butt, chain smoke 10 cigarettes, then I’ll try 10 reps. Haha. I don’t smoke and my butt’s not that big and fat, but still. So I’m implementing a new rule in my head that says if my kids tag me and say I’m “it” I have to participate (if the environment is appropriate and safe) and give chase. That is getting harder to do, but maybe if I make it a habit it’ll get easier. Ok, it’s day 1 of how ever many are needed until I notice it’s become more habitual and I’ve lost 5 – 10 lbs and then I’ll start filming the brilliant infomercial on this amazing and revolutionary new weight-loss and exercise plan.