Beautiful demo from a seminar promo. Wish I could go. A few notes for me to find a way to train bits and pieces some other way. 

1) I see mostly a rollback as an initial intercept. I can sometimes do a good rollback. Other times I cannot. Part of the problem is lack of ambidexterity. Mostly it is limited practice opportunity. If I can’t do it, I don’t see how I can flow to the next parts seamlessly. 

2) Control of the limb near the wrist as a seamless entry to several of the throws shown is a skill I need. I am at about square one here. Two things I notice here. It is independent of gi or sport format. I assume a soft loose “sticky” tiger’s mouth for gripping which is deceptive.  It does not seem to require wristlocks and seems safe for practice under full resistance… personally I’d prefer a mat, grass, dirt, or carpet over hardwood. 

3) Unbroken “silk reeling” energy is what seems to make the whole process seamless, with directional changes of any sort – back and forth or spiraling – not breaking the control and connection maintained by the thrower even while the throwee is disrupted in multiple ways.