Whew. I am wiped out from ne waza. Nothing else highlights my lack of fitness more, or maybe nothing else I do requires so much unique fitness. In standup, using “no muscle” seems much easier due to more maneuvering room. Bridging repeatedly against 150-200+ lbs – that move alone just kills me. What is a good exercise for getting better at it, other than shrimping? Maybe this stuff? I felt like throwing up and my head hurt. I really can’t say it’s fun whatsoever, yet a little tiny, tiny, progress feels rewarding and is somewhat motivating.

It’s been an ok past couple of weeks. Last week I did 3 sessions of yoga, one judo class, one form practice with a friend, and bits of zhan zhuang sprinkled around every day. This week I did 1 session each of yoga, judo, and taijiquan so far + bits of zhan zhuang. That might be it. I suppose I could jog. That might seem more therapeutic than drudgery now.